Local Congregations Standing Up for Life, Amendment 1

Yes on 1 is grateful to the growing number of churches and pastors speaking out about the importance of winning for life in November.  Among them, Hillcrest Baptist Church in Jackson hosted a Yes On 1 presentation during their morning service on Sunday June 1st. Pastor Jerry Welch and his congregation are dedicated to pro-life work and were eager to learn about Tennessee's Amendment 1.

"My people care a lot about pro-life issues, but even though they know the importance of it, they need to better understand the urgency of passing Amendment 1," Pastor Welch stated, which is why he decided to allow his entire sermon time to be used for the presentation. "Even though I had heard about Yes On 1 through an email, I did not truly understand what was at stake."

Madison County Coordinator Glen Gaugh showed the new Yes On 1 informational video and presented the reasons pro-life voters should be in favor of Amendment 1. He also encouraged the church to pray and actively participate in the campaign by sharing opportunities to organize, give financially, and inform others about Amendment 1. Many spoke highly of the presentation and stated that the video and slideshow helped them to better understand the issue.

"The other side does a great job at what they do and turning the truth around, taking the spotlight off of what is important, the life of the baby," stated Pastor Welch. He took the opportunity to express his urgency by telling the congregation that we have only one chance to pass Amendment 1 and that the church must be active and informed to make it happen.

If you would like information about scheduling a Yes on 1 speaker for your church group or community organization, please contact Yes on 1 at info@yeson1tn.org.


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