Abortion Facilities Continue To Fund 'Vote No' Campaign

90% of Reported Campaign Funds Supplied by Abortion Clinics

Nashville---As expected, pro-abortion opponents of Amendment 1 continue to draw nearly all their support and funding from the abortion industry itself. 

"An industry that refuses to police itself is pouring millions into deceptive television ads in order to confuse voters and continue operating without common-sense safeguards," said Lorene Steffes, spokeswoman for YES on 1. "The disclosures make clear that those who care most about defeating Amendment 1 are those who profit from performing abortions."

Release of the most recent 'Vote No' campaign disclosure shows just 100 individual donors statewide contributing more than $100 each.  In contrast, 8 abortion facilities in Tennessee and across the country contributed a total $1.4 million dollars of $1.5 million reported raised this quarter.  Individuals contributed less than $150,000 to the Vote No campaign.

From the report:

  Planned Parenthood of Memphis
  Planned Parenthood of Middle & East TN
  Planned Parenthood of Chicago
  Memphis Center for Reproductive Health
  Knoxville Center for Reproductive Health
  Planned Parenthood California
  Planned Parenthood of North Carolina
  Planned Parenthood, New York
  90% of contributions

The Yes on 1 campaign reported 600 Tennessee donors contributed $455,968 in itemized contributions.

Please click here to view Yes on 1's third quarter disclosure.

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