Tennessee Ranks 3rd in the Percentage of Out-of-State Abortions


YES on 1 is a community-based outreach to raise awareness of the proposed pro-life constitutional amendment slated for public vote in 2014. Local committees in support of YES on 1 are being developed in communities, counties, churches and campuses across the state. Because of a radical 4-1 ruling by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2000, Tennessee now boasts a broader right to abortion than that recognized by Roe v. Wade or the U.S. Constitution.



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Hamilton Becomes 20th county group to urge support for Amdt 1 Nashville---Citing support for the sovereignty of the people to decide public policy, County Commissioners in Hamilton County voted to become the 20th commission to adopt formal resolutions in support of Amendment 1.

Growing public support for amendment pushes opponents to move early  Nashville, September 30, 2014---Yes on 1 responded today to the release of an ad they call "misleading". The following may be attributed to Dr. C. Brent Boles, a Murfreesboro obstetrician/gynecologist who is supporting passage of Amendment 1. "As a physician...

Pro-life supporters around the state report receiving misleading calls from the pro-abortion groups opposing Amendment 1.  Funded by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, the abortion promoters are desperate to defeat Amendment 1 and protect their lucrative abortion trade here which draws vulnerable women and girls from across the southeast. Here...


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